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Hello, everybody! Happy Father's Day to you all!

Do you like OfficialTheol's artwork? Well, please go to her link, and see if OfficialTheol can have her and her artworks endorsed!

Spread the word!
Maligayang araw ng kalayaan po sa inyong lahat!

It's 12th of June na! And we're happy to celebrate the biggest independence day in ALL OVER SOUTHEAST ASIA!

Also, the Philippines has turned 119 years old! Happy birthday, Pilipinas! Maligayang kaarawan po sa'yo!

That means, let's hope that June 12 is the day we will unite under one island, free from the tyranny of Spain, the United States, Japan and China!

Also, Ang Digmaan ng Dalawang Paaralan may be on hiatus, pero don't be worried, folks! My story is going to be a WIP, and will resume soon!

Also, I want to know that Ang Digmaan ng Dalawang Paaralan is going to be a story of how the South Park Elementary and the Midway Elementary School were quarreling for revenge, while other schools across Toonatopia were ensuring peace between those schools, while those two schools were planning to invade the Philippines, like what the Spaniards, the Yankees (no offense, fellow Americans... unless you're Donald Trump) and the Japs did to this place.

Also, I want to ensure the Toonatopian Crisis is gonna be there soon, so y'all have to prepared.

Also, I could think about that August could be the month I have to translate Disney and non-Disney sons, including cartoon theme songs, into Tagalog, kasi Pilipino ako. At dahil 'yan, August is Buwan ng Wika! That's right, Buwan ng Wika! I love this holiday!

Well, as a Filipino patriot, June 12 is my favorite day, and the Independence Day of the Philippines, or Araw ng Kalayaan is my paboritong holiday!! Yay, Pilipinas! Mabuhay!

Also, the Philippines is the BEST COUNTRY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA! Yeah, let's make Pilipinas great again, lalo naman kay President Duterte!

Mabuhay po kayo, and have a great day!

Maraming, maraming salamat po very much, and I'll see you there.
War. War never changes...

Ah, it's nice to meet you all again. I want you to get ready for... Fallout Tamriel. Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun...

That's right. Since Bethesda are making Fallout and the Elder Scrolls, I just wanna cross over these two franchises, where we get to see that Tamriel could mock life in the 40s and 50s, with robots and uranium usage, while retaining a few of their old traditions, including all of their medieval-styled, Renaissance-styled and armored clothing, including roads and houses too, before the Great War could have the Aldmeri Dominion and the Cyrodiilic Empire could fight each other up!

Also, I want to make the Cyrodiilic Enclave, the multi-racial Brotherhood of Dwemereth, New Skyrim Republic, etc.

Please let me know if I write this fanfic.

Hey, everybody!

I want to know that I'll be making my own fantasy world called Daigdigia. It's a planet where all fantasies are all crossed over there, like Patria by SkyGuy, and The Magical World by GoldenLatias6! So please, help me. I'm not professional at world-making!

Please give me your suggestions, and of course, should I make Encantadia: The Secrets of Daigdigia? Of course I am!

Of course, you can please help me give me the lore, the countries, the continents, the languages, species, everything! As long it's fantasy, sci-fi, and stuff!

Thanks to you po, mabuhay po sa lahat sa inyo!

Avisla po kayo! At salamat po sa lahat sa inyo!

For link, see here: Editing Daigdigia | Fanon Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
Hey everybody! Please help me make my Toonatopian language look so popular that it'll have lots of words.

Please give me the words as long as you meet the prerequisites.
  • English Word
  • Toonatopian Word
  • Language of Origin (As long it has to be a fictional language, even constructed languages here in DeviantART, including real-life languages too as well]
  • IPA Sound
Please send me your suggestions! I'm not a professional language constructor yet! Please help me, okay.

Thank you, have a nice day, and enjoy your word-giving.
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Hello, Powerpuff Girls fans, and have a (belated) happy new year! Please sign it here below!

Petition · Get A Clue for a New 2016 Powerpuff Girls Reboot Series Episode! ·

Then, the episode will be 100% sure that it'll be soon on air, for the first time!

If you don't know this episode, then a new episode called Get a Clue will have a revival of the party dresses from Octi-Gone. They should be modified, improved, cuter and better than the ones in the old Powerpuff Girls series. And also, after over eight to nine years, we are waiting for the girls' party dresses to come back. Improved, and we need to request to the staff of Cartoon Network, and crew who made the Powerpuff Girls reboot possible to make improved versions of the girls' party dresses. Also, we need to see the students at the Midway Elementary School in their formal wear too as well, because formal attires are cute! Darn cute!

Like what Rosiesievers20, a user from the Powerpuff Girls Wiki told me what's the upcoming fan episode is all about in the comments session in the list of episodes of the 2016 reboot version of the Powerpuff Girls (remember this? List of The Powerpuff Girls (2016) episodes | Powerpuff Girls Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia), we ARE ALL willing for an upcoming murder mystery episode in waiting called "Get A Clue", in an episode where we get to see a big black tie anniversary banquet for the Midway Elementary School, complete with murders, in style of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, and we will see Mojo Jojo and HIM as both main vilains, and we want to see Princess Morebucks helping the girls (temporarily) to help solve the mystery as a team!

Also, we are willing to see if a banquet takes place in Townsville Hotel ballroom, then we want to see the male students in their tuxedos, and the female students in their Hollywood-styled dresses! Also, it'll be black tie (as in a black bowtie with a dinner jacket)!

Well, there's no time to talk more about this. Sorry, folks. So please, just sign, and let our voices be heard to the writers as we will no longer have to wait for the improvement of the girls' party dresses, and we should see the formal attire of the students of the Midway Elementary School! I can't wait to see those coming, and we all need to see them!

Let your voices be heard, and have a happy new year!
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Hey, everyone! Can you please pay tribute to Typhoon Nina more than that now-deceased guy named George Michael? Please pay a tribute to the victims of Typhoon Nina now na po!

Please... thank you po. At maligayang pasko po!
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Maligayang Pasko sa iyong lahat! I'm ready to leave to Baguio.. later on this night.

Please, wish me good luck! I'm ready to leave to Metro Manila, kasi Bagyong Nina is coming to town, right?

Stay safe, Manilaneros, and everybody in Southern Luzon, MIMAROPA, Bicol and Eastern Visayas! I hope I'm leaving now. Seriously.

Maligayang pasko!
Three years after Typhoon Yolanda (or Haiyan) hit Leyte, one of the provinces in my country, especially Tacloban, we are celebrating the third anniversary. Kaya, take a grown-up's hand, follow the plan, and you'll be safe!

Well, I hope that Pinoys should take a request that we're going to show stormy episodes and rainy episodes from various cartoon shows to broadcast for the good of every Pinoy in the world, even here, in the Philippines.

Yeah, well, because when the storm hit there, on the morning of this day, but three years ago, Tacloban is suffering the pain! Oh, the pain.

Well, since 2013 was one of the most stormiest years in all over the Philippine history, let's hope that less typhoons should affect this country.

Also, to raise awareness even more here in DeviantART, you should come and see this journal, and let people know that they'll recognize Typhoon Yolanda.

Yeah, and you'll hope Tacloban City will be strogner than the typhoon, as usual.

Bangon, Tacloban! Bangon, Pilipinas! Bangon pa more!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you keep Tacloban City a great place to be once again.
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Okay, DeviantART users. Like what Steve Harvey said, I have to apologize. Hindi pa po ako mga-upload ng mga pictures, but now, I'm now posting this journal for you guys.

It's my 16th birthday, and now, I'm 16 years old na po!

I just had a fun time with my mom, dining all I want like there's no tomorrow in Vikings restaurant, that was located in SM BF. Some foods are taste. Some weren't. Mom told me that the restaurant is too small, and could be much better if I'm in the Vikings branch in SM MOA, or Mall of Asia, because she thought it'll be bigger.

Also, congrats to Sen. Manny Pacquiao, AKA Pacman! He just won a fight over Vargas at the same day of my birthday (but unfortunately po, my mommy's boxing idol, Nonito Donaire, just lost to Magdelano), but don't comment about the congratulation to Pacquiao. Who cares? Just congratulate me on my birthday... STRICTLY.

So, he're the video, just for you: Tagumpay Nating Lahat- Lea Salonga w/ lyrics - YouTube

Ito'y Tagumpay Nating Lahat (Victory is Ours), nakaginawa ni Lea Salonga. Heck, because I'm a child of this one pearl of the orient.

Yeah, and I hope you guys enjoy my exciting journal!

Coming soon, on November 8, the day when a super duper typhoon named Yolanda, or Haiyan, hit across Tacloban City, and across Visayas, I'll give you a tribute to Typhoon Yolanda victims with a playlist of songs from cartoon shows that are sad, or storm-related... for the poor people of Tacloban City, and Leyte too as well. And Samar, and everybody else in Visayas. So, tindog Tacloban!

Au revoir, everybody! At maraming, maraming salamat po sa iyong lahat.

PS, merry early Christmas po!
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Get ready! On August 20, Canada will broadcast Pups Save a Film Festival, one day before the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics!

Be prepared!
This petition I made is orientation to defend my account. Please sign it here:
Petition · DeviantART: Defend My DeviantART Account: MatthewJabezNazarioA ·
Please defend my account. Sign it here. It's mandatory. No bad comments allowed. Please sign a petition, and let your voice to protect and save my account be heard for good!
Let us make DeviantART a truly safe place it can be for me! Let us make a mission! A mission to save my account!
Hey everybody!

Looks like I've been graduated! You should congratulate me for making me a graduate for being best in English. But hey, where are the other awards anyway.

Anyway, happy graduation day, and I hope you all have a nice summer, here in my country.
KwaziiCat, would you please unblock me and have fun with each other please?
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Merry (late) Christmas to you all, and I'm sorry for not posting this journal earlier.
And also, happy new year! Cheers to 2016!
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Mourning is Not an Opinion by MatthewJabezNazarioA
Hey, boys and girls!

I must say that Typhoon Nona (or Melor) is gone from the wind... almost, and with Typhoon Onyok there.

Today, since I overenjoyed the Armenian Genocide, I will recognize the Armenian genocide to help our Armenian friends out there... but I an't no Armenian. I'm a Filipino. Seriously?

Well, I just wished that all of Turkey should've recognize that a series of deportations and massacres as genocides, but they just denied that because it's NOT their fault.

And I mean nobody in Turkey has their fault, or their right, to kill Armenians.

Yeah. Gotta blame Turkey for denying it. For the past hundred of years!

So it's been 100 years that Armenians have a bad dream, a nightmare, and obviously a sad day around on April 24, 1915. Yep. This is some crazy bones world we live in during World War I, before I was born, and almost 90 years before my first day of school, as a kindergarten.

So my fellow deviants, we mourn and recognize the Armenian genocide, where apparently, over one million and five hundred thousand (1,500,000) lives were lost, and where its ancient lands were almost lost, making it up to present day Armenia.

Yeah, it may be landlocked, but I will support Armenia. You know, over eight hundred eighty thousand (880,000) were survived.

Let the Armenian culture survive, and let there be that Armenia will be claiming their gold ol' lands back!

But wait, there's more! When the Mockingjay Cries will show us that the Pup race and culture has been shattered due to the Puppy Hunger Games (well... just as an alternate history in my idea that a what-if the pups got to these darn Games).

Be attentive. No rude comments. Racism is not included. Tell me what do you think about that.

Thanks for understanding this journal!

Peace be upon you all!

--Matthew Jabez P. Nazario I

PS, I added a picture showing the kids attending the funeral of Clyde the Frog to pay tribute to the dead Armenians who gave their lives during the genocide. Hard to believe, doesn't it?
To all my requesters, I am so sorry what I did done to me.

Now, I have to deactivate all my past accounts.

My drawing is my own. I will do it on paper and pencil instead.

Sorry. Please forgive me.
Happy Independence Day, everybody!

Today, we celebrate my country's freedom from the Spanish colonization, since 1898.

Yeah. That is sooo many years ago.

To celebrate, I will be congratulating my foreign friends for graduation.

And you know what? Our hero, Jose Rizal, made a sacrifice by being shot by Spanish officers, giving his life to the Kapitunan, and to the future Filipinos.

And also, I must finish Wolflily68's requests! I need them done!

See you! And remember, be civil.

To all my fellow foreign friends here on DeviantART, congratulations! You have been graduated!

And to all my fellow friends here on DeviantART, and outside this website, I wish you good luck in my first day school.

May you wish me good luck in school!

Thank you, and good luck!

I need to stop requesting, and I have to apologize. No more requests for me.

Well, I know that OreoCookieQueen made a journal about me. Such lies about that, like enemy propaganda.

We cannot rebuild a new future for my life in the Internet, no?

I need to cut my attitude, or I will not win back what was lost.

Remember, I am a Christian, and I always control everyone in DeviantART, regardless of ally, neutral or enemy.

I have to be nice, I need to stop wrong things what I have done. I have to stop death threats from now on.

Please, be sure that no more rude comments shall be posted around my account.

From now on, rude comments shall be punishable by warning, reporting and blocking.

Please be nice, or face severe consequences.

Thank you.