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Humanity is having a lot of problems. Charles Darwin, a human theorist, can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our people. She sends five emotions to every human in the world: Anger, with the power of being angry... Disgust, with the power of being disgusted... Fear, with the power of being scared. Joy, with the power of being happy... and Sadness, with the power of being sad. When the five powers combine, they summon the Five Emotions' greatest champion, Riley Andersen. The power is YOURS!
Hey, guys! I may don't know Inside Out, but now, I love Captain Planet because Earth is my land that we're still saving for!

And Captain Planet, the savior of Earth, is our hero. But hey, do you know that our planet's spirit, Gaia, is the Planeteers' chief? *chuckles* It sure is.

But what if Riley's Captain Humanity? And what if the five emotions are the Planeteers? Then Anger will be Wheeler, Joy will be Ma-Ti, Sadness will be Gi, Fear will be Linka and Disgust will be Kwame. And Riley is... CAPTAIN PLANET! *chuckles again* Yeah, Captain Planet, that is.

Enjoy, guys!

Inside Out (c) Disney Pixar
Captain Planet (c) Ted Turner
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May 29, 2016
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